Thoughts on teaching survey

I enjoyed taking the Teaching Perspectives Profile survey, though I often wasn’t too sure how to answer the questions. For example, I teach mostly “value theory” courses such as ethics, social-political philosophy, and philosophy of law. I do want students to develop a richer understanding of ethics with a sincere hope that this helps them to develop their own moral views with care, which will enable them to make positive change in their lives and society. But I do not think that I should tell them which values or beliefs they should embrace, or whether society should be changed in this way or that. That part is up to them. My job is to help them identify better from worse arguments, to help them see nuances not obvious to them before, and to challenge them to reflect on their own views. I want social change, but I have to trust my students to discover their own place in that in a way that is good for them. My scores for “Social Reform” were, then, understandably lower than the other areas even though this is something I care about deeply.

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