Third Cohort: Workshop 4 Agenda (8/13/13)

Meeting Four: Preparing for Your Course Planning Document

When: August 13, 2013, 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Where: ThinkLab (Simpson 225A)


Janine Davis, Chad Murphy, Joe Dreiss, Steve Gallik, Abbie Basile, Joe Romero Tim Owens, Steve Greenlaw, Andy Rush, Mary Kayler, Martha Burtis, Ryan Brazell


  • Syllabus & OLE Review
  • Values Review:
  • Technology Review
    • Screencasting (Jim)
    • Collaborative Documents (Martha)
    • Basic Video (Ryan)
    • Synchronous Meetings (Tim)
  • Next Steps
    • Schedule
    • The Online Course Planning Document
    • Working with DTLT

Moving Forward

  • Please fill out the Doodle Poll at with GENERAL information about your weekly availability. The poll will show actual dates (for the first week of classes), but we’re really interested in your general, weekly schedule (based upon your course schedule, office hours, etc). Please complete this by Friday, August 23rd.

    We will be using the results of this poll to find times for a few OLI workshops this fall on topics such as assessment, accessibility, and additional technology topics.

  • Please contact your DTLT representative as soon as possible and schedule your first meeting. We recommend having this meeting sometime before October 1st to discuss your Course Planning Document. You are required to set up at least four meeting with your representative (or, if appropriate, someone else in DTLT) between August 26th and April 23rd. We recommend NOT WAITING until late spring to schedule all of your meetings.
  • Begin working on your Course Planning Document (hardcopy distributed at the meeting). By August 26th, we will send around a link to the online form that you’ll need to fill out to submit your document. The Planning Document is due by 5pm on October 1st

Schedule Review

  • 6/7 (12-3): A Value-Driven Approach to Online Course Development (Part 1)
  • 6/14 (9-12): A Value-Driven Approach to Online Course Development (Part 2)
  • 7/12 (12-3): Unraveling the Online Course
  • 8/13 (12-3): Preparing for Course Plan Development
  • Fall Workshops: Possible Topics could include Advanced Canvas Techniques, Advanced UMW Blogs/WordPress Techniques, Assessment, and Accessibility
  • October 1, 2013: Course Planning Document Due (1st disbursement of award, $2000)
  • November 15, 2013: Course Review Process Complete
  • Fall 2013 – Spring 2014: Course Development (ongoing)
  • Summer & Fall 2014: OLI Courses Delivered (2nd disbursement of award, $1500 upon completion of course)