Third Cohort: Workshop 3 Agenda (7/12/13)

Meeting Three: Unraveling the Online Course

When: July 12, 2013, 12:00pm-3:00pm
Where: ThinkLab (Simpson 225A)


Janine Davis, Chad Murphy, Joe Dreiss, Joe Romero, Steve Gallik, Abbie Basile
Tim Owens, Steve Greenlaw, Andy Rush, Mary Kayler, Martha Burtis, Lisa Ames


  • Overall concepts
  • The mainstreaming of online learning
  • UMW’s online course requirements

Preparation for Fourth Meeting:

  • Based upon the conversations we’ve had during the last three workshops, please spend some time revising your syllabus. This is an opportunity to revisit your values and consider how you are infusing your course with them. It’s also an opportunity to refine your vision for how technology is being used in your course. Finally, use this revision to consider some of the practical topics discussed at today’s meeting: how will you handle announcements and student communication; how will you prepare students for what to expect in the class; are you planning on hosting synchronous events and, if so, what tool(s) will you use?Please email this to me by August 1st. We will be structuring some of the final meeting based upon your syllabus plans, and we need some time to review them and prepare.
  • As a complement to your revised syllabus, please take some time to develop a map of your Online Learning Environment based, in part, on what we discussed during today’s meeting. This is an opportunity to think through what tools/technologies/Web spaces will make up the online experience of your students. If possible, try to diagram this environment visually — this may help you to think through the relationships/connections among the spaces you will be working in.Please bring this with you to the meeting on August 13.