The Current Cohort

Starting in June 2013, the third cohort of the OLI began to meet for a series of summer workshops on online course development. The cohort includes faculty from two colleges of the University (CAS and COE) as well as representatives from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. In addition, this summer we are joined by a colleague from the Library who is participating in the program as a way to redesign a 1-credit library science course and to begin establishing connections between the OLI and our library colleagues:

  • Abbie Basile, Library
    LIBS 101: Library and Internet Resources
  • Janine Davis, Education
    EDUC 351A: Instructional Design & Assessment
  • Joe Dreiss, Art History
    ARTH 114: History of Western Art I
  • Steve Gallik, Biology
    BIOL 443: Biology and Biochemistry of Proteins
  • Chad Murphy, Political Science
    PSCI 201: American Government 
  • Joe Romero, Classics
    CLAS 110: Classical Mythology in Art and Literature

Program Leaders: Martha Burtis (DTLT), Mary Kayler (Center for Teaching Excellence & Innovation)