Course Assignment – Adolek Kohn dancing in Auschwitz

Adolek Kohn “I will survive”

 Introduction – Who is Adolek Kohn

 Part I

The original has been deleted due to copyright claims by Universal Music

Use this video, skip to 1:18

  • Where does Adolek Kohn and his grandchildren dance besides Auschwitz?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • Besides the title of the song, can you see connections between the lyrics and the film scenes?

Part II

  • What role does dancing play for the Kohn family and their friends?
  • Look for the lyrics of ‘Dance Me to the End of Love’ by Leonard Cohen. What connections do you see to the movie?

 Part III – The Kohn’s visit Auschwitz and Lodz

  • What’s the meaning of the Polish questions Adolek poses from the train car?
  • What is so amazing for Adolek being back in Poland?

Part IV – Interviews with Adolek Kohn

  • Why did Adolek Kohn return to Auschwitz to dance?

Part V – Media responses (from beginning to 1:17)

  • What are arguments for and against the dance?
  • Why do you think Universal Music had the original film deleted? Only for copyright reasons?

Part VI – Your Opinion

  • What do you think about Adolek Kohn’s dance in Auschwitz?
  • Is it appropriate?
  • Was the posting of the video on the Internet appropriate?

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