Model Criticism

If your course involves a great deal of open community-building, consider taking time to discuss or offer advice about how to constructively critique each others’ work. As the instructor, it is also important for you to model these techniques.

Occupy the Open Web

As you build activities into your course that are aimed at developing student-student and student-instructor communication, consider having these conversations in the open, where students and faculty can benefit from shared insights, experiences, critiques, and questions.

Bring the Outside in

Online courses exist within the larger ecosystem of the open web, which is inhabited by all types of learners and thinkers. Consider inviting colleagues at other institutions (and possibly their students) to participate in the conversations developing in your course.

Web-Based Peer Feedback

Communities are built through the sharing of ideas and experiences. Online environments offer rich opportunities for students to share their work and provide feedback to one another. Consider requiring students to offer peer feedback on work they have publicly shared as a way to foster a learning community in your class.